Dear Mr, thomson,
We are very lucky that just searching on net for boat house package we ended up talking to you, for kerala tour. with your conversation & prompt response on mail as well as on phone we gained confidense in you. By rioghtly getting our tour budget you geve us a perfect package for us. At first we were hesitant but after arrival at Ernakulam station we were picked up at correct time & dropped us in the hotel of our expectation. The tour wasw well organised, all the hotels were to our expectation. we can say it was prommised well kept. Driver Mr. Antony was well mannered with no bad habit of smoking & chewing tobacco as it is the practice of most of the drivers he was very patient in taking to all the planned places. We all together enjoyed the trip which was organised in a short time.we feel very confident now to recommend to our relatives & friends in future. next year we like to have our tour of himachal organised from you. thanking you,